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Commercial Metal Buildings in Edmonton Alberta

Thanks to the blossoming metal industry, the economic benefits of the pre-engineered metal building have transformed the commercial building sector. We use steel and other conventional finishes to bring some of the best metal buildings in the world. Edmonton Metal Buildings is one of the best, if not the best, in pre-engineered metal commercial buildings in Edmonton, Alberta. If you own a commercial enterprise in Edmonton or are looking to build one, let Friesen Building Systems help maximize your profits by constructing an affordable commercial metal building. Metal buildings offer significant savings on construction costs, maintenance, and insurance.


Your Commercial Metal Building Experts

Friesen Building Systems is the leading commercial metal building expert in Edmonton because we have the experience and know-how to deliver your project on time and within your budget. Whether you’re interested in building a factory, airplane hangar, warehouse, storage facilities, metal barns, or metal garages, we can make it all. We will provide a custom design and construct your Edmonton metal building to fit your business’ specific needs.

Count on Friesen Building Systems to get your metal building project done on time and built to suit your needs. In Edmonton, contact Friesen Building Systems at (587) 907-5003 to get started on your project today.

Edmonton Aircraft Hangar

Edmonton Metal Buildings- Aircraft Hangars

Are you thinking of getting a place to store your airplane? Then reach out to us. We will construct a column-free space that will make it easy for you to store your plane. In the construction business, as an investor, you will need to acquire materials that are of good quality and durable to use in building your business structure. The Edmonton metal commercial buildings metal shops, aircraft hangers, we provide the best and quality metal that you can use for your retail space. We are well conversant with the area we live in and climatic conditions of Alberta; therefore, we produce a metal that can withstand the harsh weather patterns within our area of residence. Our company doesn’t only specialize in the manufacturing of metal but also its installation.

Anytime you might be thinking of hiring a company for this type of construction, reach out to us.

Increasingly, businesses are choosing metal building over other construction for their affordability and durability. Metal buildings reduce costs across the board—from construction to maintenance. A few benefits of commercial metal buildings include:


We design our insulated steel buildings for maximum energy efficiency. They are perfect for housing staff, farm animals, and temperature-sensitive factory and agricultural equipment.

Long-Lasting Durability

The commercial metal buildings constructed by Friesen Building Systems are resistant to most damage—from Edmonton’s strongest storms to fire, pests, mold, and even lightening.

Low-Cost Insurance

Because our commercial metal buildings are so durable and virtually maintenance-free, insurance companies offer deep discounts to business owners.

Highest Quality Commercial Metal Buildings In Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton has a strong and varied commercial business economy. The manufacturing industry leads the Edmonton economy, particularly in raw materials, machinery, oil field equipment, transportation equipment, computers and electronics, and processed foods. Friesen Building Systems can support your efforts by constructing metal buildings for any commercial function, including:



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Don’t trust an investment as important as a metal building to just any contractor. Friesen Building Systems will deliver a metal building that can weather anything Mother Nature throws at it. Our metal buildings are constructed to withstand storms, corrosion, pests, fire, lightning, and most other damage. No better metal building contractor is serving Edmonton.

Friesen Building Systems has the expertise and knowledgeable staff to provide the best quality and service to every Edmonton, Alberta metal buildings customer. We offer affordable solutions for projects big and small. Whether you need a church, barn, garage, horse arena, manufacturing facility, or an architecturally stunning home, we build it all.

  • Airplane hangars
  • Barns
  • Community centers
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Garages
  • Homes
  • Industrial facilities
  • Places of worship
  • RV and boat storage
  • Offices
  • Storage sheds
  • Workshops